Town Meeting – 7/28/13

Notes from the Town Meeting. Please notify me of any errors. —–Sims—–

Town Meeting – 7/28/2013

Aaron Patriquin: Administrator
-     In the last 90 days:
>          Campus rekeyed. Good response.
>          Office changes. Advertising for change of secretary from temp to permanent.
>          Membership database moved from old Access to the church accounting software.
>          Old lights in FLC restored to full service.
>          Driver training instituted for drivers of church vehicles.
>          Cemetery maintenance revitalized.
>          Building and Grounds Committee reconstituted.
>          Church vans all painted white and given maintenance.
>          New network installed – nearing completion.
>          HVAC repairs made.
>          Old sanctuary repainted white.
>          Temporary trailers removed.
>          Grace Center being remodeled.
>          School rooms being repainted.
>          Plans being made for storage of materials.
>          Constitution and Bylaws revision in progress.
>          New night janitor hired.
>          Staff reviews beginning

Jiffy Holland: Children and Youth Director
-     Children and Youth programs developing.
>          Volunteers are stepping up to help.
>          More volunteers are needed.
>          All kinds of positions.
>>               Don’t wait to be asked.
>          Expecting to experience a true revival at this church.
>          Summer day program has been fun.
>          Many unchurched involved.
>>               Some responding spiritually
>          Summer missionaries were amazing.
>>               Only 1 1/2 weeks left.

Ben Jamison: Pastor
-     After 40 days:
>          God is up to something good.
>          Indebted to Pastor Jim
>          There has been conflict in the past.
>>               Heb 12:27 “Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.”
>>               There will be more.
>>               We will move forward.
-     For 30 days he has listened and learned.
>          There are some barriers to growth.
>>               Acoustics in FLC
>>               Consistency
>>               Visitor followup
>          Open communications desired
>          Fall happenings
>>               Discipleship
>>               Initiations

Question: Relationship of Pastor, Staff, Council
-     Developing an 18 month plan
-     Definition of relationships

Question: When will we learn of Pastor’s vision?
-     Fall

Question: How is Pastor moving towards community involvement.
-     Meeting with 3 local pastor groups.
>          Effort’s reputation for cooperation is not too good.
>          Building relationships
-     Habitat for Humanity provides a platform for working together.
-     Potential for using our facilities for community activities.
-     Important that we take time to plan rather than throwing ourselves into random actions.

Deb Hall: Church Council
-     Thanks to staff for all the work which has been and is being done.
-     Dates:
>          8/20 Open Finance Committee meeting to review draft budget.
>          9/8 Town meeting to present Council approved budget.
>          9/29 Annual Meeting

Molly Fulton: Communications
-     We have a number of means of communication.
>          Mail lists – (2)
>>               Sign up on website
>          Website
>          Facebook page
>          Newsletter
-     Congregation needs to tell church of what they want communicated.

Cathy Chiovaro: Nominating Committee
-     Committee in high gear now.
-     Nomination list available soon.

Kim Feight: Personnel Committee
-     Personnel Manual completed.

Fellowship Committte
-     Equipment procured
-     Council Comment: Doing a great job supporting special events.

Jamie Devore: Missions Committee
-     Successful mission trips
-     First time with budgets
>          waiting to see how well we stayed within
-     August meeting to plan next year’s trips

Question: Announced land sale to VDOT requires Congregational Vote.
-     Constitution Article 7, Section 7, (A)
>          Announced in today’s bulletin, constitutes beginning of required 14 day notice.
>          Special meeting to be called for vote.

Comment: Thanks for including Celebrate Recovery in budget.


Two, four, six, eight,
how do we communicate?

(“I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.” – Will Rogers )

Communication is important in any organization.  Effort Baptist Church uses a number of means to try to communicate with its membership.

(The “Bon Homme Richard” encounters the “Serapis,” September 23, 1779. A cannon ball from the British warship Serapis cut down the U.S. flag and the British captain, quite honorably, asked Captain Jones if he had struck his colors (surrendered). Jones delivered his immortal reply of defiance: “Sir, I have not yet begun to fight!” To which a Marine in the rigging grumbled, “There’s always that ten percent who don’t get the word!” )
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Mr. Sand Van

The old grey van, she ain’t what she used to be.  Hasn’t been for a long time.  It’s going to take a lot of work to make it shine and be something we can be proud of.  But Charlie has donated his knowledge, expertise, and shop.  And Effort youth are providing some muscle.  The process has begun!  (Yes, it’s gonna take a while.)

Michael, Alyce, Aaron, Roy, … and of course, Miss Jiffy as the Kernel Sanders.



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At the Cross

There are those of us who are really undisturbed by esthetics.  I represent that constituency.  And then, there is the rest of the world.

A few months back John D. had a lift available for some other work and I took advantage of that to take down the old speakers up on the Sanctuary ceiling.  They hadn’t been used for years and I figured it might be possible to sell them for a few dollars.  It certainly didn’t make any sense to leave them up there.


Speakers, top dead center.


Detaching the speakers.




















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Mobile Food Pantry Day – March 2013

What happens on the last Thursday of the month?   Well, probably lots of things, but at Effort it is Blue Ridge Mobile Food Pantry Day.  Hundreds of people start lining up (in their cars) around 7 AM in anticipation of the food truck showing up around 9:30.  There is no knowing exactly what will be on the truck but it is certain that volunteers will be needed to unload it, repack it, line it up, and then load it into people’s cars.  Not to mention the very special volunteers needed at 7AM to direct the traffic as it arrives.

March 28 was clear, briskly cool, and a little windy.  The truck contained potatoes, sweet potatoes, cabbages, trail mix, crackers, yogurt cups,  and some other stuff I didn’t get past to see.  Volunteers came from the church membership, their friends and neighbors, other churches, clients, and others, as well as the Food Bank folks.

And in about 2 hours the food was parceled out and distributed, the boxes and bags were broken down and put back in the truck, and the parking lot was clear again … awaiting the passage of another month and the next round.


Volunteers loading bags with goods from the right side of the truck. Cindy is breaking out the boxes of crackers which are part of the bounty.

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Children’s Ministry News

Hello everyone!! For those of you I haven’t met yet, I’m Jiffy Holland, the new Youth & Children’s Director, as well as the After School Director and the Summer Day Program Director.

I am so excited to be part of what God is doing here at Effort! We have lots of things coming up on our calendar in the Children’s Ministry, as well as some new changes to our program that will allow our program to better serve you and your family.

I want to explain the new things and how our programs will run so that we’re all on the same page and working toward a common goal. So……here’s what’s coming, beginning April 14…….

1) The name of our Children’s Ministry is being simplified from KidZone to The Zone. The purpose behind this is to give the building a more multi-purpose name and appeal so that as our church grows it can be used by more than just the children.

2) On Sunday mornings at 9:30am, drop-off for nursery & preschool will remain the same. Drop-off for children K-4th Grade will take place in The Zone building instead of in individual classrooms. This is to simplify our registration process and to provide a safe environment as children arrive. Children will go to their Sunday School classes in groups and will return to The Zone building at 10:55 for our Children’s Worship, where you can pick them up after the 11:00 Service.

3) We will also be doing a new form of drop-off for Preschool – 4th Grade. When you arrive, please escort your child inside and sign them in on our “Sign-in” sheet. When you arrive to pick them up, you will also sign them out. On April 14 we will ask you to complete a new information sheet for your child that will also include names of people you give us permission to release your child to. We understand this process may take an extra minute each week for you, but it’s for the protection of all our children.

4) We are creating an entirely new ministry for 5th & 6th Graders that will now fall under our Student Ministry instead of the Children’s. The Sunday School class for this age group will meet at 9:30am in classroom #8 in the FLC and will be led by Karin Holtz. Students in this ministry will also be part of the new Sunday Afternoon student worship service, Epic, at 5:00pm in the FLC.

5) We will no longer have Brink on Sunday afternoons because we are aiming to amp up our Sunday morning programs and give families time to spend together. We understand that families have very busy schedules and not a lot of downtime to spend together, so we encourage you to take Sunday afternoons and relax with your family.

If you have any questions about these new things, feel free to call, text or email me. I love hearing from you!!! These changes will all begin on Sunday, April 14. One last thing…I would personally like to challenge you, as parents, to get involved in our Children’s Ministry in some way…short term, long term or anything in between! Let me know you’re willing and we’ll find a place that fits for you!

Learn more on our Children’s Ministry page.

Ms Jiffy Holland

434-808-2592 (Direct Church Cell)